Another Lonely Post.

I am very inconsistent blog-wise.

This could be attempted in Esperanto, but I think I should just stick with English.

So, of late I’ve been:

  • Working on my motorcycle.
  • Studying psychology, mostly hypnotism.
  • Learning Morse code, something I’ve wanted to do since I was tiny tyke, but just now seriously started.
  • Working on a website, and other random tech related feats.
  • Sporadically playing musical instruments.
  • Thinking about adding something more exciting to this list.

The last of which has most likely consumed the most time and energy.


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  1. Saluton Jakobon

    Mi ne scias kie vi loĝas, sed se vi povos veni al Edinburgo por nia kongreso vi estos tre bonvena 🙂 Jen detaloj



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